5 best apps to help you get your dream job

5 best apps to help you get your dream job

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fresher or mid-career, if you want to find a great job which you have been searching for long in your dreams, then first you have to know the way to conquer it, after that if you follow it honestly then it will be easier than ever to make your dream come true.

Here are the 5 apps which you may say are a full package of aid to help you to find your dream job like starting from preparing a well designed resume, to perfecting your interview skill and as well as through these apps you will get to know the company’s ambience and attitude by previous anonymous employee’s reviews through which you can decide whether the company is suitable for you or not.

Pocket Resume app:                                                                                                                                                       Price: $4.99

It is true that the first impression is everything; if a best designed professional resume can snatch a recruiter or a hiring manager’s eye then it will take a petitioner one step forward to becoming a jackpot winner.

Pocket Resume is a master of creating an incredibly designed CV without having to fiddle with formatting. It simplifies the agonizing undertaking of assembling a resume by doing ALL of the design work for you. As a user, you just need to enter your experience and qualifications and select a configuration format, and Pocket Resume will release a very much outlined résumé for you. Not only this but you can also utilize the Pocket Resume app to create your own website or online portfolio for you, and to do this, you do not need to write any line of code.



price: free              

Switch is a job hunting app which permits you to rapidly search through accessible occupation postings like Tinder. You swipe right on occupations you’re keen on, and if you swipe left on a job, then you wish to go on. Enlisting chiefs do likewise on applicant profiles and when there’s a match both clients are informed through notification.



JibberJobber:                                                                                                                                                                              Price: free

JibberJobber is a job search organization app which duties to monitor you where you’ve connected, which also catches up messages you’ve sent, and the status of your different job applications. This job searching smart fellow also permits you to keep the majority of that data in one spot.

Furthermore, you can without much of a stretch, log data on where you have connected and where you are in the application procedure. Interestingly, you can also likewise store contacts, make schedules, and watch certain organizations to land warnings on position openings and organization news.


Job Interview Questions:                                                                                                                                Price: $0.99

Facing a job interview is a heart pounding prosecution for any job applicants, before applying for the job every applicant should know what kind of question can be asked in the interview board room.

Job Interview Questions app is master minded for job interview questions through which you can learn the best answer for any job interview question. It shows the question and gives you tips on the best way to answer the question all the more adequately. You can also likewise record yourself so that you can watch your conveyance and make notes on how you can move forward.


Price: free

It just so happens sometimes that you have got the job in a company but no sooner had a few months gone that you got frustrated with your job; and it is because, before getting the job you didn’t get enough information about the company’s environment and the attitude, therefore, you sometimes regret your miss-chosen job.

Glassdoor will give you information about the company showing the present or former anonymous employees reviews on its site, and without any doubt, based on the reviews you can easily decide which company you are going to apply to and whether it will be right for you or not.


Glassdoor will likewise let you scan wages to contrast how your offered job and average organizations pay. The application additionally has arrangements of present place of employment openings and testimonials on the meeting procedure for a given organization.



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