5 Android/iOS Games You Must Play in 2016!

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5 Android/iOS Games You Must Play in 2016!

2016 is near the corner and I have collect some of the best android and iPhone games in terms of graphics that you must play throughout the year 2016! so here is list of android/ios games that you must play in 2016!

*Note most of the games will be released as we progress through the year not all will be available right now*

If you have any game that can really bog your Android down, do share it with us in the comments. I would love to check out those graphically intense games myself.
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39 Comments on 5 Android/iOS Games You Must Play in 2016!

  1. OK I think high end games are cool but they take large amount of space burn up ure phone sucks ure bat dry so I just play simple non vampires like war spear or zombie Sunami rucoy online there games that seem big but take no space don't burn ure phone and don't suck ure bat dry more games like these plz

  2. Do you think that we all are stupid !!!!!! PES 16 for android….. Either you are mad or you think we are mad……… that trailer was for ps4…… thanks for wasting my time…… And try to upload videos which are true

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