5 Amazing New Smartphones #3 | 2016!

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Best Amazing New Smartphones of 2016!

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New iPhone 7 & Everything We About It! iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Pro Features, Camera, Battery, Design & Release Date!
iPhone 7 concept trailer 2016! with Bluetooth AirPods by Beats and ChargingPad, and much more!
This is the latest leak review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Smartphone. The Note 6 Phone should come with 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 820 or 823, and 12MP Super OIS Plus Camera – The cutting edge of Smartphones in 2016.

Smartphone Awards of 2016: https://youtu.be/fUcXXJWcbtk

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33 Comments on 5 Amazing New Smartphones #3 | 2016!

  1. i wouldn't upload everything to the cloud….ubik phone is slow under 1ghz cpu…they dont mention the specs anywhere at all for the sonim xp7, all i know is im paying 579 for just a device that's waterproofed, whats the processor, ram, ssd space, camera pixels, android version?…and the case for the ipad is not bad for childproofin the device, otherwise i dont see the everyday use for it as an adult….

  2. That first phone is cool but the problem with it relying solely on the cloud your data bills would be astronomical unless your connected to wifi most of the time.

  3. Mtk6795 is a mid to lower-high-end processor.
    Be careful with mediatek processors, not all processors are created equal.
    That being said if the ubik uno has an sd card slot it's probably gonna' be my next phone. I love ips displays and I'm probably gonna' miss them when oled takes over.

  4. Hi,

    Buy only from suppliers that give a real warranty on the devices, unlike places like eBay and Aliexpress which only ensure you get the device but does not give any warranty then…..Amazon is good but expensive for smartphones.

    Check this out:


    or more expensive one:


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