42 IntelliJ IDEA Tips and Tricks

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Presentation assistance plugin: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=170
Navigation basics: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=282
Symbol lookup: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=347
Find in path: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=411
Search everywhere: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=446
Working without mouse: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=567
Working without editor tabs: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=604
Autoscroll from/to source: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=756
Create new file/folder: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=851
Scratch files: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=928
Hide all windows/panels: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=978
Syntax aware selection: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=1071
Move/duplicate/delete lines : https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=1117
Multiple cursors: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=1168
Vim plugin: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=1270
Clean up code: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=1329
Language injection: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=1518
Code completion:…

8 Comments on 42 IntelliJ IDEA Tips and Tricks

  1. Never thought I would get myself to watch an hour long talk on how to use an IDE 😀 I feel much more productive when using IntelliJ after hearing this session. Thank you +Hadi Hariri

  2. Mr Hariri… it is really good to see you talking about Java, cuz a few years ago in London you had a Dev week session and … said "oh …my god… people are still developing in Java?? "… is it me or you are being slightly a hypocrite?

  3. Wow, why didn't I watch this yesterday?

    Just today I was so annoyed with Java's lack of multi-line strings that I resorted to externalizing SQL to a file simply to make editing it sane. If I'd have realized I could edit the sql via 'inject language' I could have saved a couple hours (cuz maven makes everything harder than it needs to be >_<).

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