41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 vs 20.7MP Sony Xperia Z1 (With Images and Video Comparison)

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Check out my comparison of the two largest camera sensors out on the market today. The 41MP Lumia 1020 with it’s Carl Zeiss lens with Pureview technology and the Sony Xperia Z1 with it’s 20.7 MP G Lens. Which one takes the better shots in daylight? Which one performs best in low light? Which one has the best 1080p Video? Watch to find out! Subscribe today and Follow on Twitter @superscientific

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50 Comments on 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 vs 20.7MP Sony Xperia Z1 (With Images and Video Comparison)

  1. This guy is just DUMB as… VERY DUMB! How about checking the extra settings on the Lumia? There he would have found all the settings he was disappointed about like focus modes/ISO/metering etc. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB person!

  2. lol…. the nokia kills it…. I own a 1020 and like 40 phones I've had and tried and sold since in tree 3 years…… camera n video on 1020 are amazing….. sonys stuff feels cheap when you really feel the overrall

  3. dude i think u don't know how to use z1 camera u don't even know that u can adjust iso…. n ur taking better with the 1020.. i agree that the Nokia have better details and that's cause of the 41 its a hug resolution compare to 21 n same thing for zoom ( mp doesn't mean quality)

  4. The manual controls on the lumia are great, Sony z1/z3 do not have such options, or raw, or the same ability to zoom in on photos and still retain a good image. This is one of the unique features behind pureview technology. I didn't see that mentioned. And megapixels determine size of photo. If I want a picture of a mountain or valley, I'm going to go with my lumia 1020 every time. Landscape scenery is something I shoot often, and lumia excels at this. Also, xenon flash is much better than an led.

  5. for the needs of camera, of course Lumia 1020.
    i prefer to buy one of the CHEAPEST android phone (with pure lollipop or marshmallow). i would say no to samsung, and no to sony.

  6. I love the hump, reminds me of laptops or consoles with power bricks.. Can you say Xbox. Lol or Dell computers.. Etc.. Thank God for ingenuity and elegant design philosophy.

  7. Good review Danny. to be honest I've never used a Windows phone and never intend to. I do own the Xperia and down to its Amazing AR software to its elegant build and power management. Xperia and Android is far superior but again I don't know much about Windows phones, but the hump and design is somewhat Embarrising and the fact it is a camera before a phone is not my ideas of ingenuity.. As Sony could easily done the same..

  8. i'm looking for a smartphone with good camera and i need less bloatware as possible(no samsung) in 200 euro to 300 euro range. Is z1 best phone for me? I don't want the windows phone. Is there an htc, lg, huawei, motorola smartphone that comes close to a camera quality of this phone?

  9. There are so many phones with horrible white balance.  Just pick up a cheap phone and you will see.  You get what you pay for with them and the photos from a cheap one suck horribly unless taken in perfect conditions.

  10. The only time I ever had a bad photo with an Xperia was if the lens had a fingerprint on it.  They really do make a very good camera even if it is in a smartphone.  I have a Z1S and it has the 20.7 megapixel camera.  I got it just the other day used and expect plenty of good photos from it.  One thing I am very careful to avoid is a fish eye lens.  I don't like the distortion, it is too much and the Xperia does not seem to distort the picture.  That seems to be more likely with action cameras like the ones that mount to helmets and things.  I would buy a Lumia but I got my Xperia for $118.00 used but with a bad ESN.  That does not mean the phone is useless but you can not activate it on the original carrier.   Everything else still works fine.  My primary phone is not quite a smart phone anyhow but a clam shell type phone running Brew MP and it does suck compared to Android.

  11. Clarity of camera is nt entirely depend on megapixels,Infact it its depend on Aperture and type of lens ….since There is inverse relationship between aperture and Lens opening ….aperture plays more imp role …so if lens are better than Even less megapixel cn put behind more megapixels phone

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