40+ Tips and Tricks for the iPad Air 2

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In this video, I will share over 40 tips and tricks for the iPad Air 2: these will be a combination of hidden features, useful tips, cool tricks, iOS 8 features and iPad Air 2 exclusive features. Enjoy.

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29 Comments on 40+ Tips and Tricks for the iPad Air 2

  1. I'm switching from Galaxy Tab 2 to an ipad air 2… this will be my first Apple product … I'm an Android lover…. this video has been very helpful….but just being curious, which tablet do you fell is better… ipad air 2 or Galaxy Tab S 10.5

  2. God I'm so tired of this guy!!! You have the same exact shit for each apple product!!!! Do exclusive stuff for certain things. This is so repetitive and stupid Jesus Christ

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