4 things you need to do with your PS4 right now

4 things you need to do with your PS4 right now

The PS4 might just be the greatest gaming console ever made. But it’s not just playing stunning games that its good for. These are the 4 things you need to do with your PS4 right now.

4. Play 3D Blu-rays

So your mate has a 3D TV, and you have the new Star Wars on 3D Blu-ray, the only problem is you don’t have a 3D Blu-ray player. Well, Sony has you covered, the PS4 has been able to play Blu-rays and 3D Blu-rays for some time now. Just pop in the Blu-ray disk and enjoy an experience better than most dedicated Blu-ray players.

3. Use your phone or tablet to control it

Along with a PS Vita, you can also do the same using a phone or tablet. With the convenience of having second screen functionality, it looks uber cool! You will now be able to live out your Minority Report fantasies, by turning the PS4 on or off or send or receive messages from friends, all you need is the PlayStation App for iOS or Android.

2. Those USB ports aren’t just for charging

Music or movies, just plug in an external drive using the USB port and you are good to go, it works great with all supported formats. Do check out the formatting and folder specifications in the link provided. Your PS4 is already connected with a big screen, which is better than any laptop, so plug in a movie and get comfortable with some buddies or a special one.

1. Try out home media streaming

No, we are not talking about Netflix streaming (which the PS4 can). You can use the PS4’s aptly named Media Player, to stream a myriad of content on your home network, from a PC or Mac, be it connected wired or wirelessly. So if you want to show some nice holiday pictures, or give a preview of the video you have been working on, the PS4 is perfect for that.

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