4 Best Obliq Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

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In this video we continue to review the the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Today we will be looking the 4 best cases available by Obliq.

If you’ve never heard of this Obliq, trust me, this is a video that you don’t want to miss. Their cases are both protective, with usability and style in mind.

If you are on the market to find a case that meets this criteria, here are four of them:

– Obliq Naked Shield (Crystal Clear): http://goo.gl/3G6Vrk
– Obliq Naked Sheild (Black): http://goo.gl/3dp8Ed
– Obliq Flex Pro (Brown): http://goo.gl/QvPu4e
– Obliq Slim Meta Series (Satin Silver): http://goo.gl/hY99Ld

None if these cases meet your needs? Try these by VRS Design:
Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4xyh…

Or these by Spigen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6KCS…

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfAGFL7W8-Y

34 Comments on 4 Best Obliq Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

  1. hi looking for a case for my s7 edge, i want the thinnest case possible around the edges of the phone, but something that has a premium feel nothing TPU, what would you reccomend ?

  2. I've got two Obliq cases, one Full Clear and one Clear with Pink Bumper.
    Here is the issue. I tried to put Tempered glass on it, specifically:
    "Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector – MoKo 3D [Hook Face] Premium HD Clear 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film with Oleophobic Coating for Galaxy S7 Edge 5.5 Inch"

    The tempered glass is bulging up from the middle on both phones, only sticks from the sides.. any recommendations on a good tempered glass that will fit well with those Obliq cases? or you think I didn't install them correctly?

  3. I have the last case you reviewed in this video. I just got the phone and want to protect the screen so I also got a tempered glass screen protector. I put the glass protector on and then the phone case… everything was good until the phone case. Once on, the edge of the case slightly grabs the edges of the glass protector and makes normal use difficult and also creates a separating sound. I like both the phone case and the screen protector…Any recommendations?

  4. Nice video dude, but please do a drop test from different heights with these cases on. I can't seem to find anyone doing a drop test to see just how much protection these cases provide.

  5. man your one good talker. enjoyed you're performance. haha you giving away any s7 edges ? i will like to have the black and leather with it 😉 keep those videos coming bro ! cheers mate.

  6. what would you rate the grip of the Crystal clear case from 1-10? 🙂
    and is it worth to buy the case still even if I accidently dropped my phone screen down?

  7. I have the – Obliq Naked Sheild (Black). I love this case. i do not have a screen protector, because with all the cases I have tried, the case raises the screen protector. I also have about 3 or 4 Spigen cases also. the Spigen case with the kickstand, the kickstand is plastic, and not very sturdy.

    Also wanted to say chewing gum in your video is not a very good look.

  8. Decent Video! Subscribed! Been using my S7 Edge for 2 weeks, came from an iPhone 6S Plus and I'm so confused on what case to buy!! Because the phone looks so amazing I'm tempted to go NAKED!! The phone not me! lol. Amazing content.

  9. Try the Seidio Surface Case for the S7 Edge (w/ kickstand)! Seidio makes awesome cases! I've owned 4. The Obliq is a less expensive so I may give it a try!.

  10. I'm new to your channel and wanted to say thank you for the amazing review!
    Its practical, informative and the quality of the video and content was definitely appreciated!

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