3rd Party Game Controllers for BlackBerry 10 Phones

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Here’s a demo of the available 3rd party gaming controllers for BlackBerry 10 phones.

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  1. I'm tired of hearing about the z10 which i was promoting to all my friends well before it came out but now out seems like the PlayBook its not gonna be updated by rim i'm done with rim and the damn z10 does apple not update the ipad on par with the iphone why has rim totally abandoned the PlayBook with false promises i'm done with them not even a month of which an update will come and every other week the z10 gets an update

  2. All this talk about bb10 so what about the playbook is it not a rim device or is it a bastard child that doesn't have the right to be updated to bb10 if rim does not upgrade the playbook they will be the only o.s that doesn't make their o.s multi device from tablet to phone but they still want PlayBook owners to support their phones when the PlayBook has just become a cuss word for rim

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