3D Touch on the iPhone 6S vs. ‘2D Touch’ on iPhone 6

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How does 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S compare to regular touch on an iPhone 6? We test different actions to see if 3D Touch is faster and easier to use.

35 Comments on 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S vs. ‘2D Touch’ on iPhone 6

  1. So im supposed to pay several hundred price tag all because im lazy and saving .5 of a second of life…yeah sounds likea deal…nice idea just cant justify the cost…and yes several of my friends have a 6s so ive had time to play around with it!

  2. saying its faster when the other person isn't even holding the phone the same is dumb as hell. and she was purposely going slower you can physically see it.

  3. 3d touch is okay, but I prefer Samsung's muti windows edge function better. Due to it already open so it's more faster than 3d touch waiting like 5 sec to touch it. Also, Samsung has it open already. Now I don't want a phone war, just get whatever you want, I was just saying to clear things up on people thinking about the Galaxy s7 edge.

  4. Has anyone noticed that there's nothing much different with iPhone 6 s and they never tell us what's different "the only thing that changed is everything" BUT NOTHING MUCH CHANGED so I think they are running out of ideas and iPhone 7 won't be as good as we hope and all the YouTubers are trying to make it look better because Apple pays them too remember they are smart people

  5. 3D Touch is apple's new "Galaxy edge" is not something that you need or that is a must or an important thing, it's just a gimmick that brings a whole new experience but it's not something you need, you don't need the edge on the galaxy neither 3D Touch on an iPhone .

  6. Hahaha this video is for people who don't know how to use it fast and properly she did't even knew that once a link is highlighted you have to cancel it its Basic

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