32 million Twitter Account passwords sold by Hackers online!

32 million Twitter Account passwords sold by Hackers online!

It seems to me that increasing number of users of social media are losing their passwords online these days. Ever since Zuckerberg’s personal accounts on social media got compromised, recent reports have to offer more horrifying news; online hackers have utilized malware in order to get access to various accounts by overcoming Twitter account passwords, though I imagine it must have been a truly complex task.

According to one of Twitter’s spokespersons

“We are confident that these usernames and credentials were not obtained by a Twitter data breach – our systems have not been breached. In fact, we’ve been working to help keep accounts protected by checking our data against what’s been shared from recent other password leaks.”

Sources such as “LeakedSource” confirmed in its blog that the website received information from  Tessa88@exploit.im,

Another violation in online security took place on MySpace where more than 360 million accounts were compromised, perhaps one of the most massive account breaches ever in history.

Twitter is supposedly holding 32,888,300 records in its cache memory containing usernames, passwords, and emails of various users. Fortunately, you can now remove all your leaked personal information for free using LeakedSource.

It is believed that the malware used in this process was planted in web browsers like Firefox and Chrome for collecting valuable information instead of directly collecting them from Twitter. It was also observed that majority of those affected users resided in Russia.

Zuckerberg’s information was not included in this data set, as per the LeakedSource; however he was often condemned all over social media for using the password “dadada” for his Twitter and Pinterest accounts. The analysis of LeakedSource also showed some of the most common passwords like “123456”  120417 times and “password” that appeared 17,471 times. It seems to me that the level of creativity is declining among users every day.


According to Michael Coates Twitter’s trust and information security officer,

“We securely store all passwords w/ bcrypt and are working with LeakedSource to obtain this info & take additional steps to protect users.”


Even the Co-founder of Twitter Evan Williams couldn’t get away.

Now the essential factor is, how strong is your password. Stop being lazy and come up with unique passwords, containing a mixture of capital letters, digits, and special symbols. It may take some time to come up with a unique one, but it’ll protect your personal credentials to a great extent.

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