30+ Best MiUi Tips, Tricks And Features For Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4 And All Other MiUi Phones

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30+ Best MiUi Tips, Tricks And Features For Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4 And All Other MiUi Phones

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In this video, we have shown the best features, tips and tricks of MiUi which is applicable for Mi3, Mi 4 and other MiUi phones-

Best Features of MiUi are:
1. Switch On Flash Light from Lock Screen
2. Play Music from Lock screen
3. Scan QR Code
4. Filter Spam Messages
5. Block Unwanted Calls
6. Move & Organize Multiple Apps
7. Simplified Power Modes
8. Quick notes with reminders
9. Selective Killing of Apps
10. Prevent Pocket Dials
11. Show real time connection speed
12. Private Messaging
13. Live icons: Weather & Calendar etc. show present date and weather
14. Pinch on home screen
15. Lock screen shortcuts
16. Add App drawer to MIUI
17. 3 Finger Swipe to show all home screens
18. Tidy up all apps
19. Root permission from Security
20. Deny selected permission to apps
21. Turn off…

40 Comments on 30+ Best MiUi Tips, Tricks And Features For Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4 And All Other MiUi Phones

  1. Very helpful video! Thank you so much. I have a redmi note 4g and a lot of my questions got answered through your video. But I have 2 queries which were not answered. 1. How to change answering call from vertical to horizontal swipe. Call Settings ->Answer had these options in redmi 1s but not redmi note 4g. 2. How to make owner info visible on lock screen irrespective of theme chosen. For now my owner info is visible only in the MI note theme lock screen. Owner info was also there in the original lock screen, but I don't know how to get out back 

  2. Thumps up for ur tips and tricks in have bought Mi note and while I was trying to fill address in a form I got confused because of not able to fill my state from predefined states as predefined screen was black and I could not read states but when I clicked on screen the state(Goa) came I tried many times for getting my state pls any body tell me to resolve reading predefined table 

  3. hello sir' actully i want to buy redmi note 3g but it not in currently sale, so should i wate  for its next sale or should i purchase 4g varient ,
    …………..weather 3g varient sale take place or note?……………..  

  4. Helo sir, nice trick.
    i need you help, or who everybody can help me.
    i just scan my mi3 with advanced mobile care. and i turn off my device.
    after i turn on again, my icon telephone and contact is gone.
    i dont know what i do now, i cant call someone. Please help me. Thanks.

  5. Really helpful thanks sir. Want to know can i connect my XIOMI MI 3 via bluetooth to car audio device. Its giving passcode error. Car audio devices dont have any number input option.

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