3 legit ways you can earn some handy cash using the internet right now

3 legit ways you can earn some handy cash using the internet right now

A little side income has never hurt anyone, and no matter how small the amount, an income should be treated with respect. So, if you are looking for a way to increase your income but in the least time consuming and swiftest way possible, read on for our 3 legit ways to earn some handy cash right now.

3) Freelance

Freelancing has become one of the great benefits of the internet. If you have a talent for something, don’t let it go to waste, get to one of these sites, and no matter what you are good at, you can spend a few hours a day and earn using it.


A site dedicated to getting people who want work done and people who are looking for work on the same page. The site has a minimalistic interface with intuitive design, which makes navigating a hassle free experience. Upwork makes its income by taking a 10% of what is earned as commission, but once you see how easy the system is to navigate and how well known and trusted the site has become, it’ll seem like a small price to pay.

Don’t like Upwork? Then you can also try Freelancer.com which also provides great freelancing opportunities.

2) Sell some things you don’t need

We all gather stuff over the years which we end up not using. It’s best to get rid of them and clear up room for new things, and who knows, maybe someone out there is looking dearly for what you take for granted.

Various Facebook pages:

One of the most popular ways to sell something is by going to a selling page on Facebook and putting up your items for sale. It’s one of the easiest ways to get the job done, and if you apply a little intuition when selecting whom you want to sell to, it won’t be a problem for you.


With a nice elegant design, this site tells you upfront that whoever you are, you can find whatever you are into here. You select that you want to sell, and the easy navigation takes you through the remaining steps. It should be mentioned that the site takes a $0.20 for each product you list that is up for sale and if sold, takes 3.5% of the price.

Don’t like Etsy? You can also try ebay and Amazon’s Seller Central.

1) Take a questionnaire or a survey

Who doesn’t like taking online quizzes? They are a fun distraction, and there are many surveys out there that you can take which give you some money in return for your responses.


This neat site gives you as much as $2.50 for every survey you take. The time to complete one of the surveys is around 15 minutes. It should be mentioned that the site will only let you withdraw the cash you have earned after you reach $50.

Don’t like iPoll? You can try MySurvey which works in pretty much the same way.

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