25 Top Free Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 8

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A look at some of the top free jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.4.

Tweaks featured, along with repo if needed:

[00:42] Activator
[00:56] Almpoum
[01:11] CCControls
[01:18] Couria
[01:31] Cydia Impactor
[01:50] Cylinder
[01:58] Fuse
[02:03] Icon Renamer
[02:18] Kodi – http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/
[02:32] LockGlyph
[02:38] Lyric for Music
[02:51] MultiDelete
[03:04] nobar+
[03:14] NoSlowAnimations
[03:27] Pheromone – http://cydia.hbang.ws
[03:41] ReachApp – https://elijahandandrew.com/repo/
[03:59] Skrollerz
[04:10] Spectral
[04:20] StatusVolX – http://apt.steverolfe.com
[04:27] SwipeForMore
[04:43] SwipeSelection
[04:53] TypeStatus
[05:01] UntetheredHeySiri
[05:07] Wink & Zeppelin – http://repo.fortysixandtwo.com/

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39 Comments on 25 Top Free Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 8

  1. advert or not – I hate to say it, but if you are willing to put anything Norton to your name, my opinion of you and the website has just went down a few notches.

  2. Every time I've tried CCControls, it's been highly unstable. When you mentioned it in this vid, I thought it was updated or something so I checked it out again. Hasn't been updated since early 2014. Whenever I tap many of the toggles on CCControls, Springboard crashes.

    I recommend FlipControlCenter because it is much more stable but has a lot less toggles. +myjailbreakmovies is it totally stable for you?

  3. I've been suffering for a long time now of random but almost every other hr or so respiring, and after removing one tweak at a time, and lots of wasted good tweak and time, cccontol with hide me 8 lite were the problem! so please guys don't install them or you'll suffer the same.

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