25+ Tips and Tricks for iPod Touch (6th Generation)

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In this video, saki will highlight 25 tips, tricks and hidden features for the Apple iPod Touch 6th generation.

Although we used the latest 6th gen iPod Touch, these tips will apply to most iOS devices.

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26 Comments on 25+ Tips and Tricks for iPod Touch (6th Generation)

  1. Nice video. Another good tip is that in the Accessibility settings, you can enable AssistiveTouch which is extremely useful for people who have trouble with pushing the buttons like home or power buttons to take screenshots or other things. My iphone's power button broke so I cannot take screenshots with the button so I use AssistiveTouch to take screenshots which is very useful and some people might not know about it. You can also enable a shortcut so that if you press the home button 3 times, the AssistiveTouch turns off and on quickly when you need it.

  2. well I used to have a classic iPod and now I got the iPod Touch 6th Generation. It seems boring to me. Trying to use it just like the classic and it's basically impossible. Can't seem to play certain generes all in a row like I used to. only playlists or one some from one artist at a time. would like a video of the music app and how to use

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