25+ Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Tips and Tricks

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Back again with our 25+ tips and tricks video for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge!

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  1. Had phone less than 2 months and the "touch" stopped working. Very slow to respond and sometimes swipes and button presses just wouldn't work. Verizon is sending a new one at no cost. I hear the S6 has a lot of touch screen problems.

  2. I am so happy with my S6 EDGE PLUS best phone i have thank God this is total gorgeous phone.The camera is so wow and quad HD display with 4 gb RAM and exynoz5 that span a network of 8 prosesor working as one ,and transfer power to magnitic field in charging capabilities with fast charging and dual edge display ?

  3. even though apple or in other words the iPhone 6 is more popular the samsung s6 and the s6 edge are phones that are so amazing that in my opinion I would take the s6 and the s6 edge over the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, and the iPhone 6s any day

  4. quick tip for everybody:
    If you add all fingerprints for one thumb but with different angles
    Your phone will never say No Match.
    simply move your fingers with an angle for each different fingerprint. If it doesn't work with you comment here :)

  5. will this work on galaxy s6 edge model SM-G925zz from japan?

    if so, will any hardware stop working? like cellular – wifi or fingerprint scanner?

    i could live without the fingerprint gimmick. not without Cell service or wifi connection though.

  6. My only comment is that for some of the settings (ie: Do No Disturb mode) you entered from your quick settings and I was fumbling through my phone trying to figures where this is in settings.  I'm extremely new to android and to the Galaxy so a newbie like me might have a bit of trouble keeping up with you.

  7. Download Booster is removed on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, & Verizon.

    The removal of the features such as Smart Manager, Simple Sharing and Download Booster was first noticed by Reddit users who reported the issue at the Reddit's /r/GalaxyS6 community. The users noticed that the carriers had removed the apps from their variant of the Samsung smartphones.

  8. how to silence an incoming call without placing your hand on it or turning the screen. no button for that use? i just bought s6 edge but no button to silence incoming call?

  9. In this video, it shows that he unlocks his phone by touching the home button and then using his fingerprint.  Why is my GS6 Edge requiring me too touch the home button, swipe the screen and then use the fingerprint?  Maybe I have to take off the option of having the camera and phone shortcuts on my lockscreen?  Can someone advise?

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