25 Reasons Why Galaxy S7 Is Better Than iPhone 6S

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We look at 25 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S7 could be considered better than the Apple iPhone 6S. Note: many of the reasons listed here are the same on the Galaxy S7 Edge / iPhone 6S Plus. This is part one of a two part #phonebuffstyle comparison.

Watch the iPhone version: https://youtu.be/orRSlL5qF3s

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29 Comments on 25 Reasons Why Galaxy S7 Is Better Than iPhone 6S

  1. I just got a platinum gold GS7 on Sunday. I upgraded from a Droid Maxx 2. I generally play with my phones to learn them, but on this video, I'm STILL learning stuff. My favorite features are at 0:25, 0:51, 1:05, 1:19, 1:32, 1:53, 2:12, 2:26, 2:51, 4:04, and 4:31. I originally forgot about the Samsung Pay. I like the scheduled text messaging. I get so tired of sending good morning text and the same text to other people. Scheduling is a great idea.

  2. Why I like iOS, It's all because of software a phone with bad software isn't a good phone even if you have great hardware. Also the iPhone has jailbreak witch is the only 2 reason why I buy iPhones. When jailbreak won't exist I'll have to switch to andriod even tho that'll suck.

  3. haha comparing iphones last year technologies with samsungs this year tech. funny, becouse iphone 7s will destroy his opponent samsung s7 in the autumn. fuvk droidphones!

  4. I prefer S7 edge than 6s.
    And I love to use android OS because I can do reverse engineering to the OS and apps while 6s can't.
    Actually i never use iPhone before. Just testing my friend iPhone and I really distress using it because can't Bluetooth with any phone and my laptop. The worst thing is can't download music from external links only can download from iTunes but need to pay…. It's up to you all whether you like S7 android or 6s iOS

  5. but Samsung company does not care about customers support , it only care about money. it doesn't send firmware upgrade for its previous models as galaxy s4. Samsung company made it difficult to be contacted by email, one has to fill a bunch of forms and at end no support.

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