25+ HTC One (M8) Tips and Tricks

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http://www.droid-life.com – The full review will arrive shortly, but first, here are 25+ tips and tricks for the HTC One (M8).

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  2. hello Everyone, I just started using HTC One M8. I found out that each time I receive an email on my yahoo mail, then I try to reply the email, it shows me unfortunately, mail has stopped. yet I can compose and forward mails but I can't reply automatically to an email. and it also does that for my bbm. please I will appreciate any help to how I can resolve the issue with replying my mails. Thanks Winifred

  3. Alright. Even when it comes to ebay posts on this phone i'd like a smartphone from this htc one series for under 150, I dont have the biggest budget. I have found a new HTC One M7 for 140$. Is it good or does it most likely have a pink/purple tint camera? Please help quick, buying it soon!

  4. Nice content, I think for the future you should boost the volume of the voiceover in the video. I had a fan running and without a pair of headphones I couldn't understand anything being said.

  5. I have a HTC m8 got it two months ago. I find its prossessing is very slow compared to the galaxys3 I had before. I'm wondering if this is normal or is there another place deeper I can go to close apps? Like the galaxy. I close my apps on my front pull down screen as well as that double window icon to the left of home button and close there. doesn't seem to speed up my phone! :(

  6. I just wanna know how to use the phone and how to get it NOT to shut down when I'm sending info to the ER.
    I'm a paramedic and this doctor wanted us all to have "smart" phone, except Mary (our trauma nurse) refused to get one. She's 2 years from retirement and "doesn't want a phone that's smarter than [she] is."
    I don't think it's such a good idea for it to turn off while you're trying to send patient info to the ER.

  7. This was a okay video about the HTC One m8s but i saw a few things that he has on his phone that i would have liked to find out which never got mentioned even once which i was very disappointed about and the developer menu if you do too much on that it will massively mess up your handset im just warning people that go nuts with it

  8. For the bloatware Verizon puts on its android phones, easiest way to get rid of it is to go into settings>app manager> all> then go to the apps you want gone, and tap: clear data>clear cache> then either uninstall and/or disable>uncheck show notifications.. it's a huge pain in the butt to do for every single one, but it's the most fool proof way to get rid of the bloatware.

  9. I'm really considering this phone around April time. the main phones i'm looking at is the z3 (both compact and normal) the s5, the htc one m8 and the lg g3. The only thing that is making me a bit reluctant on buying this device or the z3 is not having a removable back, i hate when my battery drains too much (i have a iPhone 5c at the minute and i have to charge the phone at least twice a day as i'm a heavy user) so not being able to change the battery futher down the line would annoy me, and maybe the camera on this phone. I think that the 5.5 inch screen on the LG G3 is a bit too big as im not a fan of phones with huge screens 5+ inches! which leaves me with the samsung s5, but looking at reviews it seems to get bad press, any help on this predicament would be greatly appreciated as i'm stuck myself.

  10. The home screen Wallpaper change was always like that. You didnt have to go into the menu, just press it and change it. That was even with my Rhyme and with my one mini M4 like that!

  11. I assume I have a newer software because my camera has both Camera and Video buttons on front.  Yours had just Camera and then you had to switch manually to get Video icon to appear.  Hmmm.

  12. Thank you so much on this video!!! Thinking of getting this phone and did not know how to use android, since I have Windows Phone for a couple of years now. I really like HTCs, but have to switch to different phone system. So much to learn.

  13. OK so one question concerning the screen gestures. Let's say you set a 4 number pin password on the phone. If you do any of those hand gestures (like swiping to the left which unlocks the phone completely) will it still require you to enter in the 4 digit pin code? Sorry if this is a bit of a "stupid" question, but I was concerned for the security of the phone when I saw that.

  14. Ok, which phone should i get? I just want a very fast phone with no lag where i can talk to friends,play games, listen to some music and search the web. I want a simple phone that has a nice layout and look great. I want it to have some neat easy-to-use features and stuff. I would definitely want good specs, though, and it doesn't have to be budget. What should i go for?

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