24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy S7

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Ah, the honeymoon phase! That moment where you just unwrapped your new toy and putting it down is more painful than anything. Some devices do a good job at this and some don’t, but so far the Galaxy S7 has taken the cake.

Samsung has done an amazing job in improving the already great build of its predecessor, and taking ergonomics to a next level. From the metallic trim, to the curved glass surrounding it, This is one of those phones that calls to be held constantly. At a time when first impressions are everything, It’s shocking just how much you can learn from a product on the first day.

Watch our first impressions video to learn more.


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  1. lol s7? 7 reasons it sucks, i love samsung because i left apple for the samsung omega and i currently have the note 5 its a smart and powerful phone alot better than the s7

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