24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

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What do you call spending your honeymoon phase with a beast? I mean hey, first impressions are everything, but if there is one thing rugged phones are never apologetic about, is looks. To be fair, rugged phones were never meant to be pretty. If anything the idea is to serve a purpose, and that’s to become as handy of a tool, as the drill and the wrench that you need to get a specific job done.

The Galaxy S7 Active is a beast of a phone. It’s padded borders hint to a product designed to take a beating, but even as commanding as it is, you’d be surprised that good looks came in the package. The border has a sharp finish that exudes high quality craftsmanship, so much so that you might want to think twice about beating it up.

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32 Comments on 24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

  1. I would love to see a comparison between the S7 Active and the S7 Edge. Since those two have the biggest batteries in the Galaxy lineup it'll be interesting to see their overall performance after 7+ days of testing.

  2. Honestly you shouldn't have even mentioned the battery life at this point, it's been 24 hours. Also, the finger print sensor looks oddly out of place on this phone. I get that they were trying to implement it somehow but it just looks bad, i would of preferred to see it on the side sort of like on the Xperia Z5. Other than that looks like this thing will be a beast, but it's really unfortunate that it's an AT&T exclusive.

  3. Why is everyone complaining about the prettyness of the s7 active? I actually quite like it lol… (I know its a opinion-thing, but still, I mean cmon Moto g’s are still the most ugly thing ever…)

  4. #Jaimerivera You may have used those 4 hours entirely on mobile data….downloading & installing apps puts a lot of stress on the battery….4000 mah in a 5.1 inch display would give 7-8 hours sot on wifi and over 6 hours on 3g/4g…..make another video after a week or so

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