20+ Tips and Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

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33 Comments on 20+ Tips and Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

  1. guys, I NEED ANSWERS, When I text people why does the texter's text always stay together instead of having a normal text layout where the one that texted most recently will be the latest text??? I'm using the Samsung S4

  2. can you tell me how to save all my contacts to my SIM, all the tutorials say to tap contacts then menu, the export this doesnt show on the mini, this is my business phone ,I'm stuck please help :(

  3. i brought my SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 MINI GT-i9195 8GB in dec 2014 and i found that it was getting hot in june 2015 i changed the battery after my nephew pointed out to be me that the battery was swelled, so i changed the battery but it is still getting hot.  is there anything that i need to update on the phone to stop it from getting hot – i am about to give up on samsung and go with apple iphone

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