20+ HTC 10 Tips and Tricks

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Looking for tips and tricks for the HTC 10? We have 20 for you right here.

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  1. what happened if I integrated the SD card as internal storage but later I wanna move it out for good for another use, or change to a new bigger one?
    Can't do or it messed up the phone?

  2. Just a bit of quick feedback – I really like how you've started showing the title of the video..that the words show in the video when you say it. I just think once you've said the title and it shows the words, it would be great go to a quick splash screen, like the Droid Life logo or something and then the video comes back to you again – does that make any sense?! hopefully it does haha! It just feels like something should happen when you've said the title, but it doesn't! :P

  3. Can the hidden System UI Tuner menu be activated by pressing and holding the gear icon in the notification tray just like in Nexus devices? In short, is there any way to customize the quick toggles? Thanks.

  4. The 3 by 4 grid is very useful on HTC phones because once your app drawer is organized with folders… I just put my most used folders first instead having a bunch of folders on screen.

  5. HTC should allow even slower shutter speeds to get some great night time shots. In comparison to the competition, LG allows 30 s and Samsung goes to 10 s.

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