20+ Galaxy S7 Tips and Tricks!

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Looking for tips and tricks for the Galaxy S7 (and S7 Edge)? We have 20 for you right here.

32 Comments on 20+ Galaxy S7 Tips and Tricks!

  1. its looks like same as the galaxy s6, not a lot of different between the galaxy s6 to galaxy s7.
    better for me to wait for the galaxy s8, i have a good feeling about the camera and the screen…

  2. also, smart lock is moronic as well. so anyone who wants to get into your phone, only needs to swipe your bt headset… brilliant!!! how lazy do you have to be, that it is too much trouble to touch your finger to your phone to unlock it????????? seriously man, get a clue.

  3. Did anyone notice the battery of this phone sucks !! how come the phone scrolls down from 39% to 33% in just 17 min considering the airplane mode is on and it's not even connected to wifi ?

  4. Helpful, but a little fast. I specifically got stuck when you talked about Touchwiz, and how you chose Noble something..and it isn't offered as a choice on my new Edge, so do I have to download other Home screen options?

  5. I've watched a LOT of review recently and I noticed that no one has ever seen the movie Office Space, because all of these guys continuously repeat "You're gonna wanna go ahead do that."
    So I'm gonna wanna go ahead and roll my eyes every time you say it.

  6. I have a problem with the wifi !
    My S7 connects to wifi by itself, even with "wifi on during sleep" and "smart change of network" turned off (I translated this from dutch, those are 2 of the 3 settings i find for wifi)
    Please help, i really don't want this ! I want to be in charge and decide when I want my wifi on or off

  7. I have this phonecoming as an upgrade, but frankly it's not really an upgrade, mu 2 yr old sony z3 does pretty much the same stuff and things like quick launch on camera and screen shot are actually easier than on Samsung s7, so I'm feeling slightly disappointed.

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