2 Weeks With The HTC 10, Is It The Perfect Phone?

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The HTC 10… HTC’s attempt at getting back in the game and really showing people what they are made of. The successor to the M9 but yet symbolizing something new and something different. HTC removed the One and M from the title because they said 10 represents perfection. Well, personally I would have to say the HTC 10 is not perfect but it’s damn near close.

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26 Comments on 2 Weeks With The HTC 10, Is It The Perfect Phone?

  1. You are so undecided with what you think about the phone.. You said the display can't compare with the samsung's display but it's not far from it and also " it's not gonna get that overly saturated look that you get from a amoled display BUT it's still pleasing on the eyes" , that's just a prefference, you can't say amoled is better than LCD just because you like more saturated images. You pointed out all the advantages advantages of the 10 and in the end you made it sound as if it's worse compared to s7 just based on prefference ( same goes with the camera, if you're gonna say that the s7 camera takes more realistic photos, then why would you prefer amoled instead of lcd since lcd brings more natural colors. ). Also, " TON of features like being water resistant and being IPS certified " ips certified and water resistant are pretty much same thing, where are the many others that form this TON of features?

  2. "Well I have to say that the HTC 10 is far from perfect but , it is damn near close" How can you be far from perfect and close at the same time???????? This makes no sense!

  3. If you have ever dropped your smart phone get htc 10, if not get samsung galaxy s7. The htc 10 can take quite a beating compared to s7. In my use I had samsungs s2,s3,s4 and after that htc one m8. The samsungs didn't last as quick phone even 2 years. Most phones got really slow after one year of use. I still have my m8 it use (with android 6.0 gotta love htc for flagship upgrades <3), and it's still really fast even when I have rediculous amount of programs installed. I'm gonna get the 10 it looks so fucking awesome.

  4. HTC is trash, so I should have given this video a dislike, BUT, I liked what you had to say about the Galaxy S7, so you get a like from me. :)

  5. It doesn't come with headphones for you folks in the US only. But in exchange of that HTC is offering for US only customers, the "oops" warranty, which means they'll replace your phone once, for free, no matter what you do to it. Outside USA there is no "oops warranty". I live in Europe, and I got HTC's headphones with my HTC 10. I can tell you you're not missing out on much. The included headphones have 13mm drivers, which is HTC's decent attempt to compensate the fact that the headphones are made of plastic. It works to some extent, bu for example the Sony MDR-EX650AP in-ears which are made of brass, and don't vibrate almost at all, sound tenfold better, and are very affordable. So if you're asking me, I would take the "oops" warranty any day, over the factory headphones. The DAC/AMP in this thing is on par with the DAC/AMP I use for my computer, so the sound quality is absolutely mind blowing, but if you want to hear that sound quality, you need to have really good headphones to begin with. What HTC attempted with the included headphones was to bring an entry level experience, of higher quality sound to new owners, who would otherwise not even try to hook it up with higher quality headphones. And I think they succeeded, but make no mistake, if you're serious about sound, you need stuff like the Sennheiser IE 80, or IE 800 if you want to go crazy, or equivalent, or at the very least the Sony MDR-EX650AP, which you have no excuse not to purchase considering how cheap they are. If you like over ear headphones, I highly recommend the Sennheiser HD 25 Aluminium, which is what I tested the phone with, and oh my god does it blow your mind.

  6. i dunno what to pick between the s7e and the 10
    I want the audio experience on the 10
    I want waterproof
    Both builds are great for me
    I don mind the cameras
    Which should i buy?

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