15+ Tips and Tricks – iPhone 6 and iOS 8

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These are 15+ tips and tricks for the new iPhone 6 and iOS 8!
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25 Comments on 15+ Tips and Tricks – iPhone 6 and iOS 8

  1. Yah I know, a good phone mean super smooth and fluid animations, clean and simple yet productive software, legendary build quality, its super fast, premium materials, an awesome display, and specs don't matter…. which is why the Moto X (2014) is the best smartphone in the world not the iPhone!

    Motorola has promised a constant 60fps when navigating through the OS's GUI, which is made possible by its powerful processor and its super clean (almost) stock Android operating system.

    The Moto X is running almost stock Android OS with the edition of some supper cool features. It can activate Google Now when you say a key phrase, it is always listening so it even works when the phone is off, for example you can program it to respond to, "hey Moto" or " what's up my dude", or what ever you want. It also has Moto Display which allows you to check all your notifications at a quick glance without totally waking up the device, so basically it shows the time and all of your notifications in white and the rest of the display is black. So instead of turning on the whole display it only has to turn on a few pixels which saves battery life. It also has 4 inferred sensors which can detect when you wave your hand over the front of the phone, when you do it will turn on Moto Display.

    As shown be Lou from Unbox Therapy, the Moto X does not budge! The thing is SO solid and durable that it beets all other phones in the bend test including the full metal iPhone 6 & HTC One M8! It also features a premium metal band around the edges.

    As shown by Lou from Unbox Therapy, reviews, and benchmarks, the Moto X is currently the fastest phone on the market. It beat the Note 3, One M8, and the iPhone 6 in benchmarks which has not been done by any other phone to this day.

    All versions of the Moto X have a metal band rapping around the entire edge of the phone but the unique part is the back, the back of the phone comes in 3 materials, plastic, genuine wood, and genuine leather! Yes that's right genuine wood and leather, and plastic, if you choose plastic you get about 20 different colors, if you get leather you get 4 color choices, and if you choose wood you can get walnut, bamboo, ebony, or teak wood.

    The Moto X has a 5.2" Full HD OLED display which is very bright and because its OLED it has bunchy super saturated colors that POP! You're also getting a very sharp PPI with this display since its 5.2" and 1080p making it very good for reading text, multitasking, and watching videos.

    As said by many many iPhone fans, specs don't matter. This phone has a snapdragon 801 SoC, a 1080p display and 2Gigs of RAM, these are all below most modern Android phones. Most brand new android phones has Quad HD displays, Snapdragon 805's, and 3Gigs of RAM, but the Moto X doesn't and it doesn't matter because it preforms like a boss.

    The Moto X is the best phone ever….wish I could say more

    <3 Ben

  2. Wow… they took Swype from android and put it on IOS with the SwiftKey app. that's shit… and they even took the SwiftKey app and made it work on IOS………… woooooooooowwwww such shet

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