15 HTC One (M8) Tips and Tricks

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I go over some useful and possibly unknown tips and tricks on the HTC One (M8).

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19 Comments on 15 HTC One (M8) Tips and Tricks

  1. the HTC ONE M8 is an amazing phone for playing audio !! it supports APTX BLUETOOTH streaming audio at great quality and sounds better then most docked devices. the only thing is both the phone and speaker have to support APTX. I have both the KLIPSCH KMC-3 and the NAD VISO 1 which support APTX Bluetooth. Both the HTC one m8 and the NAD VISO 1 also support 24-bit audio, which isn't found in many phones at all. I wanted to hear how good the HTC ONE M8 could sound. so I ripped a few CD'S as AIFF FORMAT, so that the audio wouldn't be compressed as MP3. I then loaded the AIFF AUDIO FILES onto my HTC ONE M8. I used the "onkyx" audio player app which is free and supports lossless audio formats such as AIFF and WAV. I'm telling you guys if you want to hear great sound, BUY the NAD VISO 1 or even the KLIPSCH kmc3 !!! both support APTX Bluetooth and bring the HTC ONE M8's audio to its full potential. personally I love my NAD VISO 1. the sound is so clear and so powerful. the HTC ONE M8 When connected to the NAD VISO 1, playing CD quality audio sounds SOO amazing !! I really feels like you are right there in a concert. a lot of speaker docks aren't capable of playing anything better then MP3, and if they are they usually only have regular bluetooth which downsamples the audio !! the HTC ONE M8 and the NAD VISO 1 are both APTX BLUETOOTH compatible and can both play 24-bit audio !!! it's like they were made for eachother lol. the NAD VISO 1 was 600$ orginally but can be found for around 200$ now since the newer model is out. I promise anyone who bought the HTC ONE M8 for audio quality needs to get the NAD VISO 1 to use with their phone !! you will not be dissapointed. considering at 200$ your getting a speaker rated better then the B&W zepplin air, and is made by an audiophile company. you will be amazed how great you music sounds !!! even listening to mp3's sounds great because of the clarifi option on the M8 and the NAD VISO 1 Has a top of the line built in DAC which uncompressed the audio and makes it sound better !! you will feel like your front row in a concert !! I have the Harmon kardon onyx which came with my M8, and it sounds good, but nothing like this. I've tried playing audio on my Bose sound dock 10, my zeppllin air, my beats pill xl, none of them did the HTC ONE M8 justice. I swear you will not be dissapointed !! buy the NAD VISO 1 or KLIPSCH KMC 3 for the HTC ONE M8 !!! I prefer the NAD VISO 1 !! you will never hear audio like this form any phone or audio player !!!

  2. to speed the HTC one m8 up I have found a few things helpful. one thing a lot of people are under the false idea that deleting pictures and audio from their phone will make it faster, this is false. memory has nothing to do with your phones speed. where the speed of your phone is compromised is with apps and programs running in the background. so always be sure to open your Windows by clicking the double box icon at the bottom right of the screen and closing Windows out by sliding them or clicking on the X of each window. you can also download an app called clean master which will delete the junk files, and boost your CPU, and will also show the percentage of CPU being used. this app has an anti-virus as well. Now deleting apps may help speed your phone up, but this is only because a lot of apps run in the background and or slow your phone down when updated. the storage of the apps in your memory play no part in speeding your phone up. so by disabling or deleting unwanted or used apps may help speed your phone up. it is usually the excessive amounts of programs and apps running in the background which leads to your phone slowing down over time. Iphone has made due with a dual core processor and 1 gig of ram due to the fact that it only runs 1 program or task at a time. android on the other hand can run multiple programs or tasks at a time, which can cause lag and slow it down, this is why you need to get rid of unwanted apps, and disable any unnecessary programs running in the background, and be sure to close out your Windows. boosting your cpu performance in your developer options will also help increase your phones speed. now another thing to look at is where things are stored. if you store apps to your phone they will open quicker, when stored to your sd card it takes a little longer to load. I usually save apps, and or programs to my Phones internal storage and save my pictures and audio to my SD card. it's makes it easier to transfer my pictures and audio over and if I get a new phone I can just switch out the sd card and not have to worry about transferring all of my pictures and audio over. I also can use my sd card in my Sony action cam, to record videos, and then put the sd card back in my phone and watch my videos on my phone.

  3. cool video, when you enable developer options, there is a box you can check to maximize cpu performance, which will make your phone much faster. but I wouldn't use this all the time due to the fact that it can drain your battery faster.nap I usually use it when at home or around a charger, and turn it off when I'm out and not able to charge my phone.

    PLEASE can sum1 tell me what phone I should get. I really like the one m8 it looks amazing, but the z3 has slightly better specs with better camera and longer battery life. I was also thinking about other phones like nexus 5. sum1 help?

  5. I really don't know what to do, I am stuck between the M8 and the S5, I like the s5 because of the features it has such as the fingerprint scanner and the fact that it's easy to operate and not too complicated but it puts me off hearing that it lags a lot so that's why I might get the m8, what should I get?

  6. how many tips and tricks you have to show until you get to the one where you show me how to make a phone call with the voice dialing from my Bluetooth headset. Wonderfully helpful tabs but it would just be fantastic if someone's would show me how to use my new phone the way I could with  my old blackberry. press the call button on the headset say a command and it would dial somebodies phone number what a novel idea. I still can't figure out.

  7. Hey I noticed on tip #6 that your notification icons are orange instead of being green like they are at first start. Were you able to change them because of root or is there a way to change them just through the settings? Btw great vid!!

  8. Just ordered the HTC ONE M8 and expecting it tomorrow. I'm switching from 5 years of using iPhone's. I hope I made the right decision and be able to quickly understand the features of this phone (notice I've never had an android phone before). The reason I switch is simply because I wanted a bigger screen and I am curious into something else. I choose the M8 because I've done my research and found out that this phone is quite innovative for its generation. I don't mind the camera is shitty because then I say "go and buy a real photo/video camera". I think the M8 is becoming quite popular as I tried to buy it in the store (here in the Netherlands) and they were sold out (especially the dark grey version, the one that I want)!
    Still though I've one question; Your T-shirt says "there's no place like" and some random numbers below I guess (maybe some coordination's of a place?)…

  9. Good afternoon! I am Brazilian, I live in Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro state, really want to buy a HTC ONE M8, over here in Brazil is very expensive, you could buy out of Brazil for a better price? where you could buy and safely receive? thanks for listening, 

    Sebastiao Manoel de Souza.

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