140 Seconds: the new Twitter and Vine video lengths

140 Seconds: the new Twitter and Vine video lengths

It seems there’s something special about the number 140. Twitter set its limit to 140 characters in its tweets, and now its video will also be 140 seconds long. What’s more, Vine, which is owned by Twitter, was popular for having 6-second videos, will also be allowing 140-second videos on its service.

In an official statement on Twitter’s blog, the company had this to say:

Tweet longer videos: Starting today, you’ll have more room to unleash your creativity on Twitter. Where previously, uploaded videos were limited to 30 seconds, now anyone can create video Tweets up to – you guessed it – 140 seconds long. (Select publishers will continue to be able to post videos up to 10 minutes long through our professional publisher tools.)

As the post continued, it spoke of Vine adding the same 140-second limit.

Soon, you may also begin to see longer videos on Vine. Starting with a small group, creators will be able to add a video (up to 140 seconds) to their Vine, turning the six second Vine into a trailer for a bigger story. Learn more about how Vine is giving you more of what you love, here.

This comes just days after Vine introduced the landscape mode in its app. Perhaps this is all part of Twitter’s strategy to boost its otherwise slow growth rate.

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