13 Hidden iPhone 6 Tricks

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Apple’s iPhone 6 is selling like crazy and for good reason – we think it’s the best smartphone you can buy right now. Take a look at some of the cool features hidden in the iPhone 6.


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40 Comments on 13 Hidden iPhone 6 Tricks

  1. Hey retard here's some good renames for your vid

    "Features of iOS 8 for someone that lived in 1258"

    "Obvious things that only people in North Korea don't know about iPhones"

    "Tricks of iOS 8 that my dead great great grandfather even knows how to use"

    "Things only Donald Trump doesn't know exists on his gold plated iPhone"

  2. These are mainly only Whatsapp-Tricks and they are not hidden in any way since they are main features. So they are pretty known and if not they are still obvious af

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