12 ft Water Drop Test? Lunatik Taktik 360 – iPhone 6s Torture Tests

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What happens when an “indestructible” case gets dropped from 12 ft into a bucket of water?

Stay tuned for the full review!

The Lunatik Taktik 360 is one of the most eagerly awaited cases for the iPhone 6. This case has been in development for over a year and started its life out as an Indiegogo project.

After numerous setbacks, Lunatik has finally brought to the product to market and I figured that we give this “indestructible” case a taste of our usage!

Did it survive?

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23 Comments on 12 ft Water Drop Test? Lunatik Taktik 360 – iPhone 6s Torture Tests

  1. I had the previous Taktik as well and it was sublime, after waiting for so long for this one to be released having backed them. turned out to be pretty. Not to mention the low cost feel to the materials and impossible buttons. I ended up using the Seismik they send in the meantime.

  2. My Aquatik has terrible touchscreen issues. Can you try an iPhone 6 in it and see if there are touchscreen issues? Mind you, this campaign was originally intended for the iPhone 6. I'm worried they made concession to fit the 6S and made it not work well for the 6.

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