12 Apple iPad Mini Retina & iOS 7 Tips & Battery Life Tricks

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iOS 7 Tips & Battery Life Tricks http://www.mobilegeeks.com Apple’s iPad Mini Retina is running on iOS 7 and we’ve pulled together a bunch of tips and tricks. Nicole even dives into how to adjust your settings to get the most battery life out of your phone or tablet.

13 Comments on 12 Apple iPad Mini Retina & iOS 7 Tips & Battery Life Tricks

  1. Nicole:

    I am an android user and just purchased the iPad Retina Display. I was on my way to return the iPad and get the galaxy tab pro 8.4. I went on U-tube and ran across your tips and tricks, which convince me to stay with the IPad. Your simple tips on the keyboard alone were fabulous.

    One point tho. Please slow down in your presentation especially for people who are trying to find their way around a new device. You moved so fast in pointing out the feature or button to select I had to keep rewinding to see exactly what you did. So, for your audience please keep that in mind. Besides that, a great and informative instructional


  2. I have an good tip to even make your battery last even longer. And fix all the problems and crap Apple has.

    1. you need an hammer, baseball bat, or any other heavy object were you can hit with.
    2. smash the apple product as often and hard as you fiscally can.
    3. you just now fix all the problems that is Apple. And now you can enjoy life once more as a free man. With a smile. And no more having to worry about battery's in your Apple product ever a gain. Be case you wont be you sing it any more XD

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