11 Awesome LG G4 Tips and Tricks

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Cam goes over 11 of his favorite lesser-known features of the LG G4. Each has its own use and can either save you time, or improve your experience of using the phone. Whether that’s changing the hideous stock app icons, multi-tasking or freeing up some much needed internal storage.

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37 Comments on 11 Awesome LG G4 Tips and Tricks

  1. I know I'm a bit behind. I purchased this phone today. Cell phones are always a bit less expensive after a year or so. I wanted to know more, and there you were. Thank you so much. This video helped me so much. = ) Cheers.

  2. I just bought this G4 phone..and so far I don't like it. I guess I got
    spoiled by my Apple iPhone. I have never used Android before..and I
    really dislike how my Sprint G4 phone came loaded with all these third
    party apps I don't need..some of which I can't remove but only
    "disable". But what I really hate the most is that there is no voice
    recognition to take notes like on my iPhone. On my iPhone..there was a
    built in "Notes" app where I could simply tap the microphone button and
    speak a word and it would write it down. On my G4..there was no built in
    note taking app like this and every note taking app I have downloaded
    is filled with ads. I only got this phone because it was practically
    free and has a large screen like the iPhone 6 Plus..but I'm not sure I'm
    going to keep it since it doesn't have built in voice recognition
    ability like the iPhone. If anyone has any advice please let me

  3. i watched your video multiple times ,very nice
    but i have a question : how can i send photos ,videos via wifi direct to a samsung or anything because it connects but cant share or whatever?

  4. Hopefully my G4 is arriving tomorrow. Fantastically cheap for a phone at around the same ability as the far more expensive Sammy S6 plus I think the G4 will be more comfy in the hand with the leather back. Huge SD Card ability is astounding, camera looks great and these little extra features look cool especially the windowed apps. Seems a big update from my very decent HTC One that still looks good 2 years on.

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