10 Ways To Not Suck At EA Sports UFC

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45 Comments on 10 Ways To Not Suck At EA Sports UFC

  1. and the fucking camera angle changes to the opposite side of the character to much. you should be able to make it stay in the one side. I like using bruce lee with the camera to his back. Then it changes to being on his front and I struggle to fight with that angle and start losing.

  2. what about "making the game NOT suck" ??? cant fix that shit huh??? its terrible, you don't even get to watch your submission's because your too busy focusing on a stupid fucking HUD In the middle of the screen, stopping takedown's takes a psychic ability 90% of the time, not to mention that the submission's are fucking difficult to get. also the stamina is fucking terrible, since when did Nick Diaz run of out stamina in round 1 just by throwing 10 punches ? the game is a joke. its clear to see when you watch gsp ko a guy in a fight, Gsp cant finish a slice of fucking pizza yet 3 head kicks from him in this game will ko a lot of opponent's !!! absolute joke

  3. I like how holding your palms open makes u unable to regain stamina but the Stamina system and many other things in this game are not even close to real UFC and just brocken

  4. The trouble I'm having is when I'm in an online match, their stamina seem to be so much greater than mine but yet they're unleashing a large amount of punches and not exerting a lot of energy

  5. yeah but then you face assholes who only back of and uses leg kicks whenever you gets near them, when you cant move anymore they unleash uppercuts and you are done, some people in this game wants me to watch this world burn.

  6. I agree.. your guy could be absolutely useless on the ground yet they mash the "Get up" button which makes you spam the "Block transition" button so it's literally a war until one of you just says "This is dumb I give in".. to get up it should drain so much stamina that you need to time it perfectly & missing it will be a huge mistake whochnyou should pay for. They did this perfect on last gen, group game was excellent. If you wanted to win you made sure you were good at all aspects of the game, this EA version is pathetic & all you need to know is how to get up, break the clinch & punch then ta da! You're a EA Sports UFC veteran

  7. I hate the fact that if someone just mashes the "get up" button, you just have to mash the "stay down" button. The ground game sucks ass; you need to devote all your time to making sure the guy doesn't just get up.

  8. IDK, I've played this game for about a few hours. I really liked it, although contols seem a bit sluggish. Knockouts sometimes happen rather randomly and animations seem to look clipped at times. But I actually enjoyed the game.

    Also, I love the comments comparing this to Mortal Kombat.
    I mean.
    How can you compare the two?
    It's like comparing NFS with GT.

  9. I can't believe that there is so many guides on youtube, this game is ridiculously easy! I just started playing multiplayer without practising on single player or the career and got to brown belt, got a bit stuck so i fought the computer on max difficulty for a bit to improve my reflexes and also learn submissions than i got to red division and was owning (Didnt achieve the red divsion championship) but i think it still shows that it's easy, i managed that in 2 weeks time while also working full time so i didnt spend that much time playing. GAME IS EASY if you need guides to play it i guess the game is not for you

  10. The ground game sucks in this game the takedowns are dumb ! How is a slam so easy to do only some fighters with the right strength attributes should be able to pull this type if moves set off ! Not every fighter ! That's so unrealistic ! And the submission system do t get me started on that bs ! The ground sticks have no variations the there should be more posturing up and light medium and p mm"powerful" Strick's from the mount and all positions on the ground ! There should be submissions switching like THQ ufc 3 had and sub reversals ! Like THQ ufc had ! That greound game was light years ahead !!! Apart from that (which is a lot) the Ea sports ufc game has the amazing graphics but if its just eye candie and no substance in game play them I'll pass this piece of trash !!!! Peace 

  11. When your on your back when my legs are around the torso what buttons do I exactly press to reverse and get on top of them. Hold R2 and push the right stick in what direction. And how do u escape or train transition when in clinch and pushed up against the fetch? 

  12. This is a disgrace of a UFC game. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are more realistic then this crap. A punch that would know someone out in real life is like a poke TO THE AI. The AI lands the same punch and you get knocked out. MAKES SENSE.

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