10 Trainer Tips for New Pokemon Go Users! #PokemonGO

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Pokemon GO has finally been released for America and Europe which means the long awaited real life Pokemon adventure that Pokemon Go has promised us is ready to begin! Remember to stay safe and have fun!
Pokemon Go Trainer Tips https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/4rm5lx/pokemon_go_is_live_but_lets_make_sure_to_stay_safe/
Thumbnail https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/4rm4nz/the_wonders_of_pokemon_go/
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46 Comments on 10 Trainer Tips for New Pokemon Go Users! #PokemonGO

  1. Pokemon Go Trainer: ~Sees a Shiny Pidgeot in a private property~

    Owner of the mansion's kid: what are you doing on private property?


    Owner of the mansion's kid: AWESOME!!! ~Grabs Phone Out~

  2. Funny thing…I booted up Pokémon GO in my room and the first thing I see is a SHINY DIGLETT, sitting on top of my clothes bin…

    Then there was a crapton of Hoppips outside my house T_T

  3. My Pokemon Go app keeps saying the Server is Down. Does anyone know how to fix this? I turned my wifi off and on. Then I deleted and reinstalled the app I've tried everything and I still get the same message! Can someone help me?

  4. thank you for making this video. even though these things are common sense I already know that there are people who are so caught up in the game that they didn't even consider many of these. I'm a 90s kid and I'm excited to finally somewhat live out my childhood dream by being able to live the pokemon adventure in the real world lol but I also understand that there can be serious consequences if you're not careful and it's just not worth it for a virtual game, no matter how freaking awesome it is

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