10+ Tips and Tricks for Asus ZenWatch (Android Wear Watch)

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In this video, I will go over 10 tips and tricks for the Asus ZenWatch Android Wear Watch.

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35 Comments on 10+ Tips and Tricks for Asus ZenWatch (Android Wear Watch)

  1. One trick you forgot to show us all is how to add specific apps to your watch from your phone and also keep it from disconnecting constantly. Now that would be something. This device is a turkey that cannot fly but tries hard.

  2. Sakitech is great with the tips. This smartwatch works inconsistently and is going up on ebay. Yup, not worth the time or the money. Overhyped and is nothing more than a second screen for notifications. In short, needless and pointless. Save your money. I wanted this thing to work so much. It was a letdown.

  3. Great Tips! Thanks Man. I just got the Zenwatch 2 and it ROCKS ! it looks great, quick, amazing battery life. Yesterday on my 1st charge I got 24 hours. That is so much better than my Moto 360 which gave me 5 hours on it's 1st charge.

  4. Great review! Love it, sir!
    Question: I run while listening to music controlled thru my watch a lot. My current smart watch is stupid… if i want to change track, i will to swipe 3 to 4 times before i see the 'Next' & 'Prev' song interface. That can be slow and dangerous while running (may run into a hole not looking). With the ZenWatch, can the 'Next' & 'Prev' Song interface stay on the watch until i swipe to another app? Or does it always default back to Time screen? Thanks :)

  5. huh! I am running android wear app version and I don't see the option to view the battery life option. Also my Zenwatch is running android wear 5.1.1 same as my nexus 5. Heart rate sensor and Relaxation sensor is horrible never work for me. Just had these watch for 2 days. Regarding to ZenWatch Manager App. the forgot phone warning feature is nice, but I wish it virbrate a little longer and at lease couple time or so. Sometime you don't even notice when it vibrate since it was so short. My first android watch so far ahh not really excite about it and it is cool. Still looking for the watch face I like. Also for text message I wish you can see the text and reply right on your phone instead of open on the phone and reply from it. That makes this watch pointless to have in that regard.

  6. Quick question. I love the Gear 2 Neo but I have no control over Hangouts (my main SMS app) and Gmail. I can read but I can't reply so I'm looking at google wear watches. One great feature of the Gear 2 neo is that you can answer calls right on your watch. I know with the Asus that's not possible but what happens when you accept a call from the watch? Do you have to pick up the actual phone or can you use a Bluetooth ear piece? Any help is appreciated.

  7. Really thanks 4 tips , i have recently bought this watch , can't load watch faces from watch manager ..what is the version of your android wear app ? its different to mine, i have downloaded from google play .

  8. Hey Asus.  How do you navigate to sunlight mode if you're in the sun AND CAN'T SEE THE SCREEN? It should be a pattern you draw on the watch face like "S".  So far, I am underwhelmed with this watch, and Android wear.  

  9. You know, I have the watch.  Looks good, but several flaws.  On button is a joke, most actions take 2 or 3 or more taps/swipes to accomplish task.  Nice that Android wear is getting more apps & watch faces, but my Gear S is a far superior watch!

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