10 Nova Launcher Tips & Tricks

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A Launcher is indirectly the most used app on your Android. Whenever you use your Android, you are using your launcher.

And like I always say, whatever you use the most, use that effectively.

So here are 10 tips and trick on using Nova launcher like a pro.

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#1 Keep it simple
#2 Turn on Infinite scroll
#3 Unread count
#4 Hide application
#5 Take backup in google drive
#6 Activity Widget
#7 Create folder
#8 Hidden option — Labs
#9 Icon Swipe
#10 Gesture

[Download links]

Nova Launcher Prime

TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher

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  1. I really dislike it when people say things like "It's an Android", or "Your Android" etc, they aren't called Androids, they are called Android Devices. Other than that great video!

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