10 MORE Hidden Features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 You Don’t Know About

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10 MORE Hidden Features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 You Don’t Know About

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36 Comments on 10 MORE Hidden Features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 You Don’t Know About

  1. You count it as you triple-tap so you don't launch the camera? Dude! You have just topped all of the stoopid shit you ever said, and you have said a LOT of stoopid shit! Thats milk out the nose ? funny! Its three, guy, how do you lose count?

  2. Thanks for sharing. I really like those interaction that Samsung provides with this S7 Edge. Love the easy turn on screen ability so much, I was worried I would destroy the Home button soon.

  3. Screen hovering to turn the screen on reminds me of DroidSet's hand wave feature to turn the screen on. The DroidSet's feature has been around for years and now Samsung is just implementing it in the S7. Playing catchup.

  4. None of these 20 "hidden" features that you've described in this video and the previous are, well… HIDDEN. But nonetheless it was good to know where to navigate, as some may not think to check for useful features under Accessibility. That being said, you did showcase Icon Background twice. Also please be aware that some of these features are not available on all variant of the S7/S7 Edge. For example, AT&T has decided we don't need Galaxy Labs or Auto Restart (bummer).

  5. i absolutely HATE app backgrounds. i cannot understand why anyone would want all of their icons to look exactly alike. that is soooooo boring. and even worse, it looks like a crappy iphone. that is one of the things i really hated about my iphone when i use to use one, was that all of the icons looked exactly alike, and had to be all in a straight line. it is so rigid and militaristic, that it affords no artistic ability, or customization.

  6. I need more!
    I been stuck on iPhones that people have given me, never used android!
    I know it's sad… Especially since I have an iq over 12… But the wife and I took the leap and preordered s7's…
    They'll be here this week and I've got a lot learning to do!

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