10 iOS 9 Features Apple Copied From The Jailbreak

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Apple Copied 10 iOS 9 Features Found In The Jailbreak First! Here’s a Top 10 List.

21 Comments on 10 iOS 9 Features Apple Copied From The Jailbreak

  1. They copy the jailbreak cause they don't make anything all they do is copy other peoples stuff and tell everone they made it and everyone will Believe them. soon we will see apple's cydia but they rename appledia

  2. 1:28: Actually low power mode is a direct rip off of Power Saver Mode, and yea I posted this on the iOS 9 Review video before I saw this one and Power Saver Mode is IDENTICAL to Low Power Mode, just a simple name change.

  3. The 10th one is available in my ipad ( ipad air ) and its not jailbreak nor ios 9 is downloaded ( it took 13 hours to download a little then it failed and it is downloading again, another 24 hours lol ) ??

  4. Do you have the new iPhones? Because I can't get the cursor scroll to work on my iPhone 6 like you do in the video. It'll only work on my iPad mini. Thanks!

  5. I don't get how these clowns at apple haven't had an original idea in 5 years and u sheep eat it up….."oh we stole it…?..but we do it better"?( when you really don't ) do you know how pathetic that sounds??? lol… when you steal you can't even do that right, taking stuff Android did 2 years ago lol….your apples might as well be Green..iphone is as empty as that blank white apple

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