10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games of February 2016

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Some awesome new games are out on both iOS and Android platforms in February 2016. Here are the best mobile games of the month for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
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Platform: iOS, Android (Soon)
Price: $2.99

Forbidden Desert
Platform: iOS
Price: $6.99

Ys Chronicles II
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $4.99

Ellipsis – Touch. Explore. Survive.
Platform: iOS
Price: $3.99

A Short Tale
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $3.99

‘The Walking Dead: Michonne
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $4.99

Adventures of Mana
Platform: iOS Android

42 Comments on 10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games of February 2016

  1. I think that it is pretty interesting how mobile gaming is becoming an actual viable form of game play rather than just a way to whittle your time away on the toilet or the reception of the doctor's office. Smart phones these days are almost if not completely comparable to traditional mobile gaming handhelds such as the DS line or Play Station Portables. Each year the games become larger, more complex, with better design and mechanics, and all around seem to be approaching the threshold of console or PC gaming. Will they ever surpass or replace them? Maybe not. But if you could fit as much storage into a Samsung Note or IPhone 6+ as you can a full size laptop you might be able to. And who knows? Maybe one day we will have wireless logic systems to do all the processing externally and have it constantly transmitted via Wifi or data lines. But by then I suppose we will all be living inside of a virtual world governed by our mindscapes and powered by the energy of a red dwarf star.

  2. I just got Beat Stomper on iOS. It was $1.99 well spent. The music is awesome and it's just an easy high-score focused game that doesn't require much skill. Hoping this game makes it on the best games of March 2016!

  3. I'm very happy to see Fran Bow at #1. It is one of my favorite games on PC or mobile. I have beaten it multiple times, but I just can't quit playing. Truly an addictive game.

  4. I'm currently really liking lonewolf on android (not sure if on ios) you play as a sniper and the controlls are pretty easy. what really gets me is the cut scene art style and the who to shoot first mechanic (if someone sees someone dying you lose) it's free but has in app purchases like removing the replay timer and bonus content

  5. If you have an I0S device check out the game "Tomb of the Mask" it is a simple yet insanely addicting game with vector graphics. Plus the price is right it is free and is not pay to win. So if you can grab it

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