10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games Of April 2016

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Every month, Gameranx painstakingly finds you the 10 best iPhone iPad, and Android games so you don’t have to sort through hundreds. April has been particularly good – watch this! (Full list with download links below)
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#10 HARVEST MOON:Seeds Of Memories
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $9.99

#9 Warbits
Platform: iOS Android (SOON)
Price: $3.99

#8 Shadow Bug
Platform: iOS
Price: $3.99

#7 Goo Saga
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $4.99
Review: Star: 4.9 Views: 89

#6 LEGO Jurassic…

40 Comments on 10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games Of April 2016

  1. Star Knight looks interesting, but I wouldn't quite call it the "most gorgeous" platformer game available right now. Personally, I think that Ubisoft's Rayman Adventures looks more aesthetically appealing. To each their own. However, I do think that you should say something more along the lines of "To me, this is the most gorgeous…", rather than stating it as an indisputable fact. Because, like I said, to each their own.
    I do like your channel, however, so you just got a new subscriber regardless of my minor gripe.

  2. A game I hope that makes in the list next month is sea hero's quest. It got 4.9 on the play store and what amazing is that the game was made to study people with dimensha and they apparently playing the game for 2 min will also get the same brain results as spending 5 hours in a research lab. but other than that the game is such has such a personality and gameplay feels fresh but sorta familiar.

  3. i used to love mobile game but…. slowly they become boring nothing new…. like there is tons of COC games with different skin, tons of fps non moving games, tons of temple run…. nothing new…. I'd choose that the dev port psp(i knew there is ppsspp and even ps2 emulator) and ps2 games with uniquie button layout like Rockstar,SquareEnix,Bandai Namco do rather than making a copy cat games again and again

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