10 Best iOS Apps for New Year’s Resolutions

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we enter a new year, we all know that it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions, but with only 6% of New Year’s Resolutions being successful, it’s time you used an app to help you out! So in this video, we’ll be looking into ten amazing apps that will help you succeed with your New Year’s Resolutions.

► Duolingo: http://apple.co/1O3Jjca
► 7 Minute Workout Challenge: http://apple.co/20pGids
► Elevate: http://apple.co/20WBAG1
► Forest: http://apple.co/1mtGbjq
► Calm: http://apple.co/1TdywEg
► Things: http://apple.co/1KGyyBW
► Pennies: http://apple.co/1WfdxPr
► Lifesum: http://apple.co/20pGBVs
► iDrated: http://apple.co/1KcD37c
► Streaks: http://apple.co/1XjSjRI

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