10 Best Console Quality Games 2016 HD! (iOS & Android)

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10 Best Console Quality Games for android and iPhone 2016!
10 Best Console Quality Games 2016 HD! (iOS & Android)

Gaming on mobile has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology that came before it, Today we will take at look the best Mobile games that are/Have console graphics!

NOTE: #1 is Nova 3 near orbit not evilbane!

want the list? ask below.
1. Nova 3 near orbit
2. WarHammer 40k
3. Infinity blade 3
4. AG Drive
6. afterpulse
7. Evilbane
8. stormblades
9. Unkill
10.Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

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41 Comments on 10 Best Console Quality Games 2016 HD! (iOS & Android)

  1. I have had a smartphone for over 5 years yet still amazed at how far the technology has come, I still remember playing Snake!. I do think the future of gaming is mobile hopefully no IAP and using virtual reality and bluetooth controls

  2. Why you don't put the list in the description so we can know the games without watching the video again and also to know where we can find each game, on what OS.
    For example: there is no Infinity Blade 3 for Android.

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