10 best Chromecast 2 applications for Android

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In this video I show you my favorite applications for premium live television, all movies and all TV shows absolutely free using my android phone as a remote control to my chromecast. With these applications you can literally watch everything you would expect from cable network but for free. So instead of continuing to pay for commercialize TV, buy yourself a new and improved chromecast 2 then download these applications straight from our website onto your android cell phone or tablet. Once installed and setup properly you can now access everything in the world that would normally cost hundreds of dollars a month but for free.
remember to ask for help if you have any issues by posting your questions below this video also feel free to communicate with us so we know when things are not working so that we can provide you with…

29 Comments on 10 best Chromecast 2 applications for Android

  1. This video deserves more likes and views. Thank you is really not enough I have been using cartoon hd and tv portal Everyday, but I'm facing difficulties with Mobdru because its streaming is not really smooth I can't watch a channel for even 5 minutes without cutting or interruption. Other than this everything is great and you got yourself a new subscriber..keep it up

  2. Just ordered the chromecast. Only thing is I have an iPhone. Lol. But I do have playboxHD on it. Downloaded fr the website. 🙂 any other ways I can watch free tv via my iPhone ? Thanks.

  3. I have two question.

    I have kodicast and bubbleUPnp combined on my LG G4 phone, but i rather when i have community portal add-on they don't work with each other?

    My second question is also watch kodi on my chromcast but with my latop is that possible like same as on my phone?

    Thanks in advance one TechGenius.

  4. can someone contact me to help me make my fire stick work better i can only watch movies but not live tv or pay preview also some movies open but don't play any thing i have kodi and genniss phenox and other apps please call me at 618 954 0410 if you can help me thank you

  5. The link to the downloaded files is inside of the description I'm sorry I accidentally forgot to edit the description but the information you need is now they're so enjoy thank you for your patience

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