10 Awesome survival games for Android and iOS 2016!

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10 Awesome survival games for Android and iOS 2016! anykindsmatthew

10 survival games for Android and iPhone – games that make you fight your way through the oncoming waves of enemies using whatever weaponry is available. In case you have exams or important assignments coming up, better stay away from these.

PART 2 IS LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukpuJqWxlh8

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  1. The scene with MCPE gameplay was from a CaptainSparklez video when he was showing off some shaders, well at least a part of it was from that, not sure where the other two parts are from but that's not the mobile version, even if there are mods for MCPE the shader mods don't get anywhere near the same quality as in the video without making your game run slow as hell. I'm not hating the video just because it doesn't own some footage used, in all honesty I don't care very much, just try and get your own footage of the game. It's not that hard to record minecraft ;-;

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