1-month of HTC Vive VR: Review and Impressions

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My thoughts on the HTC Vive VR headset and virtual reality in general after using it heavily for over a month. Includes gameplay footage from various SteamVR games.

After a month of virtual reality I still strap on my HTC Vive every day for more VR. The games on Steam right now aren’t exactly complex or packed with features like you’ll find on other modern gaming platforms, but virtual reality has enough depth and complexity to keep you coming back. I can’t wait to see what the future hold for VR!

For more information on my favorite VR games, check out this video of my top recommended games for the HTC Vive:

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List of gameplay footage in this video:
Space Pirate Trainer
The Lab Longbow
The Lab Xortex
Sweet Escape
Fated: The Silent Oath
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games
Vanishing Realms
Cyberpong VR
Space Pirate Trainer
Capria: Magic of the Elements
The Gallery: Call of the Starseed
The Lab
Budget Cuts…

37 Comments on 1-month of HTC Vive VR: Review and Impressions

  1. The only technical issue I've had is that my wifi adapter constantly looses connection when plugged in simultanously with the Vive, but I fixed that by simply rerouting the network through my laptop via lan + network bridge..

  2. Whenever I ask people what kind of 50-hour triple-A games they think are possible for room-scale VR, the only thing I get in response is religious drivel and contempt.

    Yeah, sure, you get a religious experience with the room-scale VR tech demos. That doesn't really answer my question. I'm not really interested in tech demos. I'm not really interested in repetitive shooting galleries where you can't even move but just a few feet. Those are effectively pretty much just toys. Toys that may keep you interested for an hour, but that's it. I'm not interested in toys. I'm interested in video games.

    First-person shooters are not going to embrace VR. The VR manufacturers have pretty much scared all developers away from ever supporting VR in their traditional games. And the religious masses, like you, are saying that they don't even want to play first-person shooters in VR. The same probably goes for most 3rd-person-perspective games (of the likes of Assassin's Creed or Tomb Raider.)

    So what else is there? Vehicle simulators (ie. driving games, space games, flying simulators and so on)? Mostly a sit-down experience (which is perfectly fine by me!), and can potentially be really cool, but I'm not really a big fan of the genre. Could experience a really good game of the genre, but overall I'm not a huge fan.

    Golf could work. But not a big fan of golf games either. Again, could be cool to experience once or twice, but not really interested in the long run.

    So what future does room-scale VR have? I'm not interested in the religious drivel. I'm interested in games. Actual triple-A games with humongous production values. Not tech demos. Not small gallery shooters. Actual games.

    And this isn't even going to the fact that playing video games while standing up is a braindead idea. If you think it isn't, then just start playing all of your video games while standing up. Go ahead. Have a nice 6-hour counterstrike match while standing up. No amount of religious drivel is going to give you the stamina.

  3. I sold mine after 3 weeks. The resolution is low and unimpressive. Its not "the future of gaming". You can't recreate something like GTA V in VR. Not to mention great games like Enter the Gungeon. The resolution needs to double, and it needs to be wireless.

  4. imagine this on a online experience, the possibilities will be infinite! Like playing against another guy, fighting, casting spells, atacking and defending… that would be awesome!

  5. With Steams refund policy you can reach a point where they let you know some BS like "You have been returning to many games, Steam don't like that stop or you can't do it no more". Yeah something like that but just an Fyi you can't just keep trying games before they shut you down. Thanks for the great video

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